Terms of warranty

Warranty service for carbonhouse.pl accessories,

is carried out via the contact form on the carbonhouse.pl website, or in the premises where the accessories were purchased.

The warranty covers only defects arising from causes inherent in the product sold. Only CarbonHouse is authorized to assess product defects. In the event of structural changes or repairs made by a company other than CarbonHouse, the warranty rights will be lost.

The warranty does not cover:
• damage due to improper use and storage of the product, mechanical damage;
• mechanical damage and defects caused by it, transport damage, chemical factors and other factors beyond the Guarantor's control;
• replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear (scratches, hard-to-remove dirt, erasure of inscriptions, etc.);
• misuse, including misuse of this product or improper installation or modification not approved by CarbonHouse
• spillage of food or liquids, or exposure to chemicals that may adversely affect the product;
• traces arising during operation, such as scratches, dirt, abrasions.